AMPERİNO | Turkey’s Pride L-7 Concept Electric Car Advances Fast for Mass Production

AMPERINO continues to make significant progress in its L-7 concept electric car project, which began as an amateur initiative. With a strong team of 40 R&D engineers, the company is diligently developing the project and moving confidently towards the phase of mass production.

The Ministry of Industry and Technology of the Republic of Turkey has contributed significantly to AMPERINO’s success with substantial support and incentives for the project. Likewise, valuable partners of the project, including Lenova Mobilya, Yol Mobilya, İyon Mekatronik, Erhun Metal, and Orimak Makina, have made substantial contributions with their belief and collaborations in this achievement.

AMPERINO’s technology development engineers are putting in intensive efforts with their dedicated work and innovative approaches to ensure the success of the project. Similarly, supplier companies are providing crucial support for the project’s progress with their high-quality products and services.

The L-7 concept electric car project lays the foundation for the future of the automotive industry, focusing on sustainable transportation and eco-friendly technologies. The AMPERINO team, with their visionary approaches and industry experience, is committed to working steadfastly to achieve this goal.

Approaching the stage of mass production, the L-7 concept electric car will represent a significant step towards showcasing Turkey’s domestic technology and manufacturing capabilities once again. While expressing gratitude to everyone who has contributed to bringing the project to its current stage, AMPERINO aims to achieve many more successes in the future.