2023 İnegöl MODEF Fair

The Mobilium Store and Factory Store in İnegöl MODEF 2023 Fair were also colorful with exciting innovations. As Saloni, the architectural transformation took on a visually impressive structure by carrying the traces of the modern design approach. The new collections offered to customers were enriched with carefully selected quality and innovative products. The Mobilium Store and Factory Store underwent an eye-catching transformation while maintaining its aesthetic integrity in line with the renewed architectural structure. These modified spaces aim to offer visitors an enjoyable experience. These innovations in architecture reveal that every detail has been carefully considered and carefully arranged to meet all expectations.

Mobilium Store and Factory Store work hard to offer products that best meet the needs of customers. Its exclusive collections consist of innovative products brought together with elegance and aim to appeal to all tastes. Bringing quality and aesthetics together, these collections reflect the vision of Mobilium Store and Factory Store.

We are very happy to share this special experience with you. Together with our renewed architectural structure and distinguished collections, we are honored to welcome you, our valued customers, as the Mobilium Store and Factory Store. We continue our efforts to provide the best service and aim to meet the expectations of each of our customers. We are waiting for you at the Mobilium Store and Factory Store, we will be very pleased to experience this special experience together.