We are delighted to present our new collection, “Minera”, which features unique dining tables made from natural stone, glass, and metal, all designed with a modern touch.

The Minera collection combines the unique textures of natural stone, the transparency of glass, and the durability of metal to create a special look and feel. It is a perfect choice for any part of your home and can complement any modern style.

Each piece is carefully designed and crafted with high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity. The Minera collection will not only add a touch of style and modernity to your home but will also serve you for many years to come.

Discover our Minera collection and find the perfect dining table that suits your home’s style
Long ago, in the deepest parts of the earth, a story inspired by minerals began:
Stone, ceramics and glass…

These materials are completely natural, durable for centuries and dazzling.
With its discovery, magnificent structures and monuments were built over time.
Unique color and you are made of patterns a work of art
Minera series, each piece of which has been carefully designed, has an elegant and modern aesthetic. With its stylish designs, it manages to add a sophisticated atmosphere to any meeting or event. High-quality materials and attention to detail ensure that the Minera series creates a luxurious and prestigious impression.

Superior comfort mechanism
Minera series drawers close gently even when a hard force is applied when opening and closing, thanks to their special mechanisms. This design effectively prevents noise pollution and wear problems.
Uniquely beautiful colors meet with superior durability!

Low Water Absorption

High Abrasion Resistance



High Scratch Resistance

High Heat and Frost Resistance

Resistant to Household Cleaning Materials


High Breaking Strength

High Stain Resistance

High Resistance to UV Rays



Saloni offers products that reflect your style and preferences. choice tailored to your personal tastes offers freedom! Center table with every detail meticulously crafted and coffee tables with elegant ceramics of the Minera series coming together. Adorned with the richness of nature patterns appeal to every color and style Adapt to your living spaces with options and add charm!
Minera series, with its special workmanship look at any event becomes a receptive being. Professional in business meetings reflecting an ambiance, an elegant dinner carrying aesthetics, family In their meetings, a sincere to create atmosphere a wide range of uses offers the opportunity.
Reinforced tempered glass,
Provides extra durability. Hot objects as it is resistant to high temperatures deformation when in contact with the coffee table surface or no cracking.
Height adjustable design The coffee table design provides users with the flexibility to adjust the height they want, Makes it easy to choose the ideal working or sitting height for different activities It increases your comfort both while working and resting.
The power of minerals is reflected in your home! Tempered, very easy to clean Glass is also important for safety. It offers a feature. Compared to normal glasses When the stronger tempered glass breaks turns into small, uneven pieces. This reduces the risk of injury to users.
At home with the fresh atmosphere of minerals You will experience a completely different pleasure…

Each product of the Minera series is designed only for aesthetic purposes. not only offers elegance, but also to meet users' needs It also stands out with its practical features.

an inspired story
stone, ceramics and glass…